We choose to work with steel and timber again to be consistent with their other cafes. For the client it was important to have an industrial and quirky feel to it also. The brief is as much about creating an exciting atmosphere and interior as well as a functioning cafe. The interior needed to organised to facilitate a queuing system, define different zones for retail, long and short stays as well as allow for an efficient workflow behind the counter.

We have a fascination with ambiguous boundaries and simple materials. And this is something we explored in the design. We chose to work with reinforcement bar and the result is the development of our earlier work. Vertical lines of reinforcement bars define the different zones within the store. They organise the queue, define the seating areas, whilst at the same time they filter and frame views across the store and beyond to the world outside. Furthermore, they act as a structure to which the timber benches, tables, counters and signage above are connected too. This forest of structured rebar creates a filtered internal world of shadows and views which flicker and dance as you move around and immerse yourself in it. The rhythm of the vertical rebar sections corresponds with the external windows and thus enhances and frames the view out towards the city giving an invitation into this gridded filtered world within. The copper-clad counter, pendants above and folded copper wayfinding signage add a luxurious counterpoint to the industrial interior. Moreover, the vines which have already weaved themselves around the structure will continue to be a reminder of the changing seasons.

Project Type
Comercial, Fit out

Dublin , Ireland

Completed 2019

Project Team
Darragh Breathnach, Joe Keohane,Giovanna Santoru

Photos by Shane Lynham