In order to maximise daylight to the living rooms, we inverted the traditional mews house typology and positioned the living rooms upstairs and bedrooms downstairs. This way we could ensure daylight penetration on this tight site and capitalise on the roof space for extra height in the living rooms. Due to budget constraints we exposed and expressed the structure and materials, which add to the warm and tactile quality of the space. The gable walls were constructed with reclaimed Dolphins Barn Brick, The floor slab was cast in concrete and the internal partitions and furniture were constructed from Chilean Pine plywood. We used subtle level changes to define different zones within the building without the need to insert additional partition walls. In designing this house, we took a lot of inspiration from boat design and the fitted furniture was bespoke to make use of every square inch of the space.

Project Type
Residential, New Build

Dublin, Ireland

Completed 2016

Project Team
Darragh Breathnach, Pable Bolinches, Daria Leikine

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