An abstract minimal stand was designed to complement the Littlesmith jewellery on display.

We wanted to display the jewellery in and unique and exciting way which was different from the other jewellery stands around. Elemental concrete cubes sit in a square around the jewellery making zone. This defines the public and private zones. The making station was position in the middle so as the makers where not to be distracted by the customers walking by. Two hidden doors allow access to the interior. Like an abstract piece of art that changes as you walk around the store. The concrete cubes were constructed in from Birch Plywood and composite concrete cladding. These cubes are then eroded to display the product at the corners where customers walk by. Where the cubes are eroded the plywood interior is revealed. Brass lettering and display rails rise up from these give a playful counterpoint to the rigid geometry of the cubes. The Rails have recessed lighting within them to illuminate the counter. They also display the jewellery which is hung via hidden magnets inside the rails. Furthermore, they also act as a way-finding tool to the customers.

Project Type
Commercial, Fit out

Dublin, Ireland

Completed 2020

Project Team
Darragh Breathnach, Joe Keohane, Giovanna Santoru

Photos by Gavin Veeran