Triggerfish is a concept store dedicated to premium cookware, kitchenware and tableware. To expand the narrow space of the existing store, the proposed layout was divided into three zones with a skewed timber grid at the centre, drawing the customer into the space. These plywood fins enclose a passage through the shop and are stained silver as a subtle nod to the knives on display at the focal point of the store. The skewed pattern avoids any visual clutter and the plywood fins also form columns to support steel mesh shelving that allows light to reach lower shelves and focus the eye on the products in a controlled approach. Green mosaic tiling provides a colourful counterpoint to the rhythm of timber to articulate the front entrance and premium display at the end.

Project Type
Commercial, Fit out

Dublin, Ireland

Completed 2017

Project Team
Darragh Breathnach, Ciaran Molumby, Claudia Tlatehui, Ambre Davouse

Photos by Aisling McCoy, Shane Lynham